Some FAQ's, Q&A's!

- What photography qualifications do you have?

I have a BA(hons) 2:1 degree in Photography awarded 2014-2017 from Sheffield Hallam University.

Also have a Level 1 Digital SLR award with Jessops Academy (achieved 2012)

Also studied art and photography in A-Levels (2009-2011)

- Do you offer a printing service?

Yes! I have my own printer, a Canon PIXMA pro-100s, I can print up to A3. I offer all sized prints up to A3. The paper that I mainly use is PermaJet Oyster 275gsm, lovely stuff! If you want other paper types, I do offer other options, just ask! Printing is one of my favourite things to do, seeing the photograph as something physical brings me so much satisfaction.

- Where are you based? How far would you travel?

I am based in Sheffield, I will travel anywhere around South Yorkshire/north side of Derbyshire for shoots, any further then there will be an extra charge for travel costs. 

- How do I pose? What if I am not comfortable in front of the camera?

Well, this is something I seem to be rather good at. Because my style is very natural, I really don't like it when things look forced, I will always talk to my clients before we start shooting, to make them relaxed. I never put a camera right up in front of someones face, I keep a distance acting almost like a voyeur. I want people to be themselves in front of the camera so I will continue to provide a bit of banter/conversation so that their personality shines through the images. 

- What other services do you offer?

I can design logos, help with web design, design and print business cards, also I can design and print save the dates/wedding invitations, get in touch for a quote. 

- Do you offer consultations?

Yes! To me this is a vital part of the service that I offer, I want to be able to get to know who my clients are and a bit about what their personality is like before I photograph them. We can either go for a walk/coffee or have a phone call consultation. I also like to discuss what the person wants out of a photoshoot, so it helps me deliver a highly satisfactory service.

- Do we pay a deposit?

Yes, upon booking a shoot, it is required to pay 25% deposit. This is to hold the booking, if for example client falls ill, or I fall ill, or if weather is not great, we can arrange another time. No deposit will be lost. Upon cancellation, this is when deposit will be lost.

- How do you send the photos?

I will send them through a password protected link on the clients section of my website. All images can be downloaded and shared from there. If the package also offers a memory stick, then I will either deliver that myself or post it. Same for prints, either will be delivered by me or by post.

- Once I get the photos, who owns copyright?

I will own copyright, but you also have the rights to print your own images. All my photographs should not be entered into competitions unless it is by me. Also should not be sold unless it is by me.

- What if we go overtime?

I will invoice you the remaining balance if we do go overtime.

- What camera do you have?

I am a Nikon girl! Always owned a Nikon. My current equipment is a Nikon D750 with a range of lenses. I have owned a D3200 and  a D60 in the past. I also have a bunch of film cameras (too many to count) I'm a bit of a hoarder of old camera equipment. I love the old fashioned way of photography, I specialised in using antiquated processes throughout my degree, if you want to hear more about that drop me a message, I love talking about it!