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Hi, I am Georgia. As you have probably already realised, my photography is all about documenting the moment and telling a story. There is one thing that I make sure of before a shoot, and that is to understand my client and talk to them, this helps me capture a story, which then their personality shines through my images.

I have been a photographer for about 10+ years now. With a degree in Photography, specialising in the more unconventional and non-traditional approaches, right now portraiture/weddings/anything involving people (and animals obviously) is my primary focus, utilising my area of expertise in a way that I find captures the best photographs, giving my client a comfortable experience. My style is natural and not forced; along with my editing.

I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but I am able to travel pretty much anywhere. 

If you would like to know more about my story, continue reading below, if not, enjoy my website and get in touch by clicking here!

My Story

A few things about me that maybe you'd like to know - I am incredibly awkward in front of the camera, it's a good job that I am behind it most of the time, not that I don't like having my photo taken, I just don't know how to be, ironic right! I am incredibly obsessed with dogs, bring a dog to the shoot, no problem! Training in the gym/out of the gym is a massive part of my life, it keeps me sane and fit. After all the lockdowns (who knew I'd be writing that on my website) I got into walking, and quite recently I have walked up Kinder Scout in the Peak District, which was a massive accomplishment of mine!

I also like to travel where I can experience different cultures, I obviously love my camera. I also love dogs, dogs are my life, did I already mention that? I also love tea and coffee and chocolate digestive biscuits. I love music (country music in particular). I love travelling. I love driving. I love spending time with my friends and my family.

I have a tendency to waffle, so if you don't like waffle, I'd probably stop reading...

As you can tell, I am a keen traveller, I have worked in the USA at a summer camp for 4 summers starting in 2016 - 2019. I LOVE being around people, I am a social bunny and this comes in handy for my job as a photographer, at camp I took photos for around 14 hours a day, so you can only imagine how many photos I have shot in my time. A LOT! 

I can't really remember a moment where I wasn't taking photographs. I have always had a passion for capturing moments, documenting my days in photographs, the amount of hard drives I have is ridiculous. I got my very first DSLR which was a Nikon D60 when I was 16, I would take it everywhere with me, parties, gigs, family events, days out, school, anywhere. I would just shoot anything, everything. I did a few wedding photoshoots and also got hired from various local bands to take promo shots for them, I did quite a lot as a teenager being a beginner freelancer (looking back at these photos make me cringe so much but actually very grateful for the experiences I had).

After years of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I then decided to go to university to study photography. This was such an amazing experience for me as I used to be the sort of person that needed to be spoon fed information, I learnt so much about digital photography/editing/marketing/history of photography/analogue. There was an idea that popped into my head for one of my very first projects I had (on the more arty based modules I had). I wanted to be different in how I approached photography as a medium, I decided to make my own negatives out of dust samples, this then lead onto something completely antiquated and I began to question what a photograph was (what my dissertation was based on), through the years at uni, I made my own negatives out of flowers and also other objects. I then enlarged them in the dark room, I spent most of my time in the dark room at university. Going through these different approaches and mediums of photography really helped me develop my understanding of it and it has made me a better digital photographer, as I have took some of these views over through to the digital. 

After I graduated uni, I obviously went back to summer camp a few times to teach photography and to take the photographs of campers doing activities. I found who I was as a photographer at camp. Documenting natural moments, non forced, and this is what I concentrate on now, today. I have a keen passion for photographing people being their natural self. There are a lot of photographers out there that like to pose their clients but this is not something I like to do. I will speak to clients and get their personality out on camera. If there is anything else you would like to know, about me as my life as a photographer, a shoot that you would like to discuss, then contact me! Even if you want to talk about what else I offer, don't hesitate to contact me!